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At the first glance, all bike frame manufacturers might appear the same. But when you dig a little deeper, you will come to realize that ENZE has something different to offer than all the players in the bike frame industry. As a technologically advanced full-service company, ENZE goes above and beyond to provide state-of-the-art solutions that our competitors are unable to offer. We are dedicated to raising the bar above the status quo and being an innovator in our industry.

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We Are Bike Frame Expert

Our company has been manufacturing aluminum products since 2003, and we have expanded our product line to include bike frames. Our modern manufacturing procedures and turnkey services allow us to bring complete bike frame production under one roof, where you will benefit from the time and money savings that result from our efficiencies.

enda bike frame manufacturer ADVANCED INSPECTION TEST EQUIPMENT

Advanced Inspection Test Equipment

We use advanced-quality test equipment for inspection purposes. We put large amount of money on equipment to promise our quality. Bruker which no more than 5 factories in China possess this equipment.

We invest heavily on testing machines and imported testing machines from Germany to ensure our products are problem-free. The test equipment has been fully used during our product development process in accordance with the ISO standard. Learn more our equipment.

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Professional Engineers

Our staff consists of professional engineers, and other certified, seasoned professionals, all working towards a common goal which is customer satisfaction. As we believe in constant improvement and learning, our company is committed to providing our existing staff members with access to educational resources and programs to aid in professional growth and advancement so they can improve the standard of living for themselves and their loved ones.

At our full-service plating company, we also strive to appreciate our employees at each step of the way by rewarding them with bonuses and salary increments.

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